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Sugar N’ Spice is a family tradition, passed down through generations.

Sugar n Spice

Sugar n Spice

The little unassuming (pink) building reminds people of coming to Sugar N’ Spice with their grandparents as children for their first Wispy Thin Pancakes.

Nearby, Xavier University students come to devour the Wispy Thin Pancakes after long nights. Every year a new group of freshman is introduced to Sugar N’ Spice and they too eventually become regulars.

What’s Your Story?

Whether you have been a customer for a week or for three generations, we want to hear your story!


Lisa has one of the most audacious Sugar n’ Spice anecdotes ever! Upon awkwardly running into her ex- here, they proceeded to resume dating and eventually got married! Now, her kids come along and love seeing where their parents dated while in school at the University of Cincinnati.

Sugar n’ Spice…for a happy, long life!

Gari declares herself the “Queen of Regulars” as one of the oldest, most loyal and ardent Sugar N’ Spice customers! Now 85, she has made us her home away from home since she was a teenager, which she claims has contributed to her longevity! (Maybe there’s more to “Wispy Thin” than we really know…!)